Brand Creative



Everyone judges the book by it's cover.

Great design and well written copy invoke trust—and trust is at the heart of every sale you’ll ever make.
— Steve Brazell | Founder, Hitman Inc | New York City

What we do.

Every strategy is only as good as it's execution. The Customer Experience is paramount today, and Hitman Inc provides turn-key creative asset development  to ensure your brand's marketing and messaging strategy is executed flawlessly for maximum ROI. 


Brand Asset Development includes:

  • Brand Identity Design (Logo, Business Cards, etc)
  • Brand Iconography
  • Brand Naming (Startups, Products, Services)
  • Brand Voice and Messaging (Marketing and PR Copy)
  • Digital Brand Experiences (Web and App Development)
  • Print Brand Experiences (Sales Collateral)
  • PPT Decks
  • Environmental Design (Signage, Booths, Office Space)
  • Photography, Film and Video


How we work. Our Fees.

We bill by the project, not by the hour—that way we are all motivated by the same goal—get it done right, get it done fast. Our project fee is typically broken down into a monthly retainer fee that is due on the first of the month—we don't nickel and dime our clients—and only change fees when the project changes substantially. Most Brand Asset Development engagements last between one and six months. (Some of our clients have retained us for over a decade.) 

Creative Asset Development Steps

  1. Discuss and confirm Asset requirements
  2. Provide a written time frame and fee estimate
  3. Approve estimate in writing
  4. Hitman Inc will send you an invoice for the first month
  5. Upon payment, we rock and roll


Get to know our Payment Extraction Dept.

Actually, you really don't want to. Victor Volkov, aka "The Wolf," and Ivan Petrov, aka "Bones" head up the Hitman, Inc., Payment Extraction Department and are highly disciplined professionals that help slow or no pay clients find their wallets. More here.


Previous hits.


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More hits.

The Hitman not only brings bold ideas and attention to detail, but has also created a level of focus at our company around marketing and how we approach and constantly reinvent our brand.
— Jamie Pagliaro | Chief Learning Officer, Rethink | New York City