Strategy Session



New light. New ideas. Clear Strategy.

It’s a rip your world apart and find the essence of success experience. Intense. Fun. And, unbelievably valuable.
— Roger Berry | CEO Fullbridge | Boston

What it is.

A One-Day Brand Clarity & Strategy Session is an expert-guided strategy workshop that walks the company's brain trust through a proven step-by-step process to better define the business strategy (problem/solution), customer pain points, core differentiators (why someone will choose you over the competition), and articulate new clear messaging, strategies and tactics to woo new customers, grow the business, and pummel the competition.


What it's not.

This is not a fluff session. We're not going to talk about your spirit animal, create a brand inspiration board, or produce a bunch of irrelevant and unusable information and opinions to throw into a big thick report that you'll never read or use.

If you're like most companies, you have more information than you can handle. We help you filter, focus, and create a clear business strategy and brand message so you can first, stand out, and second, quickly sell your differentiated benefits to your market. It's as simple and difficult as that.


What you get.

The result of the session is a short, usable, Brand Clarity & Strategy Summary that becomes a working roadmap to help guide the company's most important brand (and strategy) decisions moving forward. Key deliverables include new, clear messaging and strategy across:

  • Brand Vision, Mission and Cause
  • Brand Core Value and Core Belief
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Voice and Messaging
  • Real and Perceived Competitive Threats
  • Problem/Solution and Core Customer Pain Points
  • Why Customers (Really) Hire You and How You Solve Their Pain
  • What Results Customers Expect
  • What Opportunities Should You Focus On for Innovation
  • Target Market, Users, and Potential New Markets
  • Key Brand Category and Attributes
  • Brand Positioning and Statement
  • Customer and Market Belief Systems
  • Trust Factors and Key Trust Statement
  • Real and Perceived Brand Differences
  • Creating Brand Contrast from Competitors
  • Winning Customer's Hearts and Minds
  • Rational and Emotional Brand Value Proposition
  • Introductions, One Liners, Hashtags
  • Brand Persona: Colors, Images, Fonts, Look and Feel
  • Brand Experience: Key Customer Experiential Touch-Points
  • Tying in Social Media
  • Your Brand's Elevator Pitch
Stop working with consultants in your industry—they see the world just like you do. If you want to be different (and you do), you need to see your industry in a new light so you can innovate.
— Steve Brazell | Founder, Hitman Inc | New York City

See new ops.


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Every single partner rated your presentation somewhere between unbelievably valuable, and the best presentation they’ve ever seen.
— Bill Key | Partner, ELI International | Boston

Sample One-Day session.

Offsite locations are best (fewer office distractions), but it can be done on your campus, or you can bring your team to New York City.

09:00    Introductions and Key Objectives Discussion

09:30    Brand Strategy Presentation and Overview

12:00    Break for Lunch

12:45    Prepare for Working Lab

13:00    Begin Brand Strategy Working Lab

16:00    Brand Strategy Summary Overview and Final Discussion

17:00    End

Brand Summary Document is completed within one week.


Booking. Our fees.

Steve Brazell books 3 to 6 months in advance. Need a session faster? Contact our office in New York City (US and Europe) or Kuwait (MENA Region) for potential opportunities.

Brand Strategy Session Fees:

$15,000±  In New York City

$20,000± In The Continental United States (Plus Business Air, Hotel, and Transfers)

$25,000± International (Plus Business Air, Hotel, and Transfers)


Payment is due upon completion of the Brand Summary Document. You really don't want to meet our Payment Extraction Department.

In a world where there are a lot of companies that claim to be Marketing Consultants and Experts, Hitman Inc is a great return on investment. Steve Brazell delivers every time.

Your brand impression matters.

48% of consumers are more likely to become loyal to a brand during the first purchase or experience.