The Hitman, Inc., Payment Extraction Department.


Viktor Volkov aka "The Wolf"

Known by his friends (and enemies) as "The Wolf," (his last name is derived from the nickname Volk, which literally means "wolf,") Viktor is a disciplined professional capable of securing payments from slow or no-pay clients using highly effective (albeit a bit old-school) motivational techniques. He learned and perfected his craft in the 1980s during periods of disruptive change.

He likes relaxing near the Black Sea, smoking La Flor Dominicana Andalusian Bull cigars, sampling red caviar and drinking Tsarskaya vodka. He dislikes people.


Ivan Petrov aka "Bones"

Ivan is a highly-energetic former Eastern European underground cage fighter, that competed successfully until an unfortunate firearm accident forced him into early retirement. He earned the nickname "Bones" for his rough and unforgiving, bone-breaking style with opponents. Similar to The Wolf, he is a highly disciplined professional capable of quickly motivating clients to become creative financial problem solvers. 

Bones prefers Lamborghinis to Ferraris, Monaco to Marseille, and blondes to brunettes. He likes cash. He dislikes listening to grown men cry.