Political Consulting


Political Candidate Brand Development and Consulting

People vote for brands, not for candidates.

Politicians win because they own the most important idea in the election and the attributes voters care about most.
— Steve Brazell | Founder, Hitman Inc | New York City

What it is.

Month-to-month consulting to help politicians discover, develop, message and own the most important ideas and attributes to voters before, during and after an election cycle.


What you get.

Ongoing, proactive strategy consulting from candidacy announcement thru election cycle including consulting for:

  • Brand Vision, Mission and Cause
  • Brand Core Value and Core Belief
  • Understanding Real and Perceived Opponent Threats
  • Core Voter Pain Points
  • How You Solve Their Pain
  • Key Election Cycle Attributes
  • Brand Positioning, Statement and Tagline
  • Trust Factors and Key Trust Statement
  • Real and Perceived Brand Differences
  • Brand Contrast
  • Winning Hearts and Minds
  • Rational and Emotional Brand Value Proposition
  • Introductions, One Liners, and Hashtags
  • Brand Persona: Colors, Images, Fonts, Look and Feel
  • Brand Identity Logo
  • Brand Experience: Key Customer Experiential Touch-Points
  • Public Relations Strategy
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy

Getting started. Our fees.

We suggest an initial strategic consultation as soon as a candidate knows they will be running for office. Timelines can then be established based on the election cycle. Political Consulting Fees vary pending on location and resources required. Reach out for a brief discussion or to set up an initial consultation.


Competition Removal.


Watch: The Art & Science of Competition Removal 00:57


The power of a singular message.

74% of voters could recall Trump’s brand position and tagline—and 70% of voters identified positively with his statement ‘Make America Great Again.’
— Forbes.com